Thursday, September 2, 2010

A very sweet family and a photo-loaded 2 page layout

Awhile ago I started the process of designing my layouts on my computer first, and then actually assembling the layouts later. The purpose for this is two-fold, one, I tend to feel less guilty about ignoring my spouse while sitting on the sofa next to him as I digitally compose my layouts, and 2) I wanted a way to capture the photos and the story promptly so I didn't forget key parts of the story by the time I did get around to scrapping. Oh yeah, plus I also have an aversion to cutting paper wrong. So I guess that was really 3 reasons, but hey, who's really counting anyway?

At the state fair they have a category for 2 page layouts. Well, I'm not a big photo taker (yes, I do realize that's contradictory to my scrapbooking hobby), so I borrowed photos from some friends of ours who have an absolutely adorable family. Plus, she always does a great job of picking a good color story for their clothing and this was no exception. Now, I know lots of you scrapbookers out there are looking for ways to pack a lot of photos into a two page layout, so this 10 photo design is for you!

This entry received an honorable mention as well.

As a bonus, I'm also posting the sketch that I created for this page.