Friday, February 26, 2010

Take two... or maybe 3?

Every once in awhile a layout just doesn't pop quite like you intended. For some, this is an "oh well, moving on," but those of you who know me are well aware that perfectionism is one of my problems. So when I "completed" the layout below, I just wasn't quite satisfied. (Note: the letters were painted orange before I decided to change out the background paper and add the pink embellishments.)

The pops of pink were disjointed and there wasn't a strong line for the eye to follow across. So I decided that the letters needed to be pink. Thus, I created version 2.0 - it had light pink letters, but I didn't like it well enough to photograph so then came version 3.0. Here's what I learned in the creations of versions 1.0 and 2.0
-You can paint foam letter stickers.
-EK Success chalk ink pens work best, but take awhile to dry.
-You can paint foam letter stickers with Making Memories paint, but it gets goopy and doesn't look very good.

To create version 3.0, I removed the already attached and painted (for the 3rd time) letters and replaced them with already dark pink letters. See the finished product below. Don't you think it was worth it?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely worth it.