Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tools on Tuesdays: Letterpress Tips and Tricks

I've recently fallen in love with Letterpress. I love the look. I love the texture. And those of you who know me, know I also love the clean & simple, graphic nature of it.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get your own letterpress look (even without a letterpress set up).

-You can use thick watercolor paper with stamp ink impressions.
-Can also use cardstock and textured cardstock work as well, but impressions aren't as deep.

Stampin' Up Plates

  • Use with Craft Ink for a good, clean impression.
  • Classic Inks won't stick to the plate evenly so if you want a distressed look, go with these.

If you're using Stampin' Up plates in a Big Shot:
    • Using the letterpress template with a set of new cutting plates works best
    • Put it on the multi-purpose platform, Tab 1
    • To make your "sandwich"
      • Lay the letterpress face up on top of one cutting plate and ink it. Then move of those to lay on the top of Tab 1.
      • Adhere your paper to the other cutting plate, then flip that over and layer on top of the letterpress plate.
If you're using the Lifestyle Crafts (QuicKutz) Letterpress system
  • Instead of using the sticky sheets that Letterpress sells to hold the plates, run them through a Xyron with a non-permanenet cartridge installed.
  • A little ink goes a long way
  • If you'd like a better brayer, go with a speedball instead.
  • Run the letterpress through a big shot as is. No need to add shims or cutting plates.

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