Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Life, My Way

So... I've decided to jump on the Project Life bandwagon, but not in the way that it was originally intended. There will be no "picture a day + journaling card" approach. I may or may not follow the weekly organzational method. What I will do, is capture memories in a more timely fashion (lofty goal #1). You know, before you forget what was so funny at the time, or why you took the photo in the first place (lofty goal #2).

I've thought long and hard about making this switch. Going from a 12x12 full page canvas to the seemingly simple 6"x4" and 3"x4" little cards. Could I do it? Could I scrap more simply and still love the creative process? Could I create little vignettes instead of full page layouts? Could I scrapbook in *gasp* chronological order???

I didn't know.

I wouldn't know.

Until I tried.

I did some research. Browsing through pages of Pinterest Pins, Google Images, and Blogs. What design styles was I drawn too? Which ones might I like to emulate? What did I dislike and why? What should I avoid when I started out on my own journey into Project Life?

So coupon in hand, I headed to Hobby Lobby. Settled on a Midnight Edition. Why? Because being primarily black and white, it seemed to be most versatile, most flexible to allow me to get creative with it, to add artsy additions and any colors I wished to.

And so it begins. My journey. Project Life-syle.

Inside Front Cover
So far the cards inserted for placement only. Debating whether to add tidbits now along with some journaling about my hopes for the year, or to wait and complete it at the end of the year. I think I am leaning toward adding my hopes to the inside front cover, and then writing a "year in review" recap for the inside back cover.

I invite you to come along. Join me on my journey through a new style of scrapbooking. Post your comments, share your thoughts...your tips, your ideas in the comment section.

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