Friday, November 13, 2009

Junk Binder Challenge

So my best scrapbooking bud convinced me to sign up for a Junk Binder class that another SB friend was teaching. Now, let me be upfront... I tend to be really excited about a project leading up to a class, but once the class is over I tend to never go back to finish the projects. Well, for this junk binder class I decided that I wanted a binder that was 5.5" x 8.5" in size. Not being able to find anything in the SB world that was meeting my needs I headed off to some big box stores in search of a binder and found this one at Staples:

Then I set out on my favorite part... deconstruction!

And promptly discovered a bit of a problem -it appears the vinyl I just removed served a purpose.... It held the cover to the spine, and the spine to the back. So I headed to the fabric store for some upholstry fabric and fabric glue.

But before I left, I sprayed the covers with several colors of metallic maya mists (cherry and yellow), added a little suede glimmer mist, and some green metallic maya mist. I left it out to dry in the sun and came back to find a lovely aged copper patina. I wish I could capture it digitially, but the covers have a really cool "depth" to the color.
Junk Binder Cover

Oh... and would you believe those roses used to be dusty pink?

Stay tuned for the inside pages... now that the class is over I haven't been inspired to work them. *wink*

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