Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Typewriter Love

So I have aspirations of getting on the Project Life bandwagon (well... sorta PL, my own version of it anyway, but more on that later) so I've been snapping onsie-twosie little photos here and there to you know, tell the story of my life (even if it's pretty bland).

So one day last month I arrived at work to find this on my desk:

The cutest, most amazing little blue typewriter ever, right? :)

I'm pretty sure if you'd taken a picture of me spotting this typewriter, I would have pretty much looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

And well, it's pretty much guaranteed that nothing better was going to happen that day to beat the discovery of the best vintage typewriter, ever, right? So when my coworkers weren't looking (to wonder why this crazy person was holding a photo shoot in her cube with a typewriter as the subject), I snapped this pic.

And then of course it was way too cool to be a tiny little 4x6 daily card, it needed it's own special page. Something to convey the angelic singing I heard when it appeared, the rays of sunshine that emitted from my new found little blue joy.... okay, so I may be getting a tad melodramatic here, but work with me... I lead a simple life :)

Oh yeah, and this is where I deviate from the whole PL thing... I mix in 12x12 pages for the things that are extra special.

And thus, this page, filled with washi tape goodness was born.

Complete with the story of the original owner, and how I came to share a little time with this fabulous, piece of vintage goodness. And since starting to use it, only once have I nearly pounded my laptop keyboard to death. Apparently I don't know my own strength :)
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