Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be brave. Own your story. Share your story.

I haven't blogged in awhile. A real long while to be more specific. Tides of change have been rolling in both personally and professionally. Over the last 3 years I've: changed careers (and jobs), said goodbye to three grandparents and my marriage. There hasn't been much free time for creative pursuits as my attention has been spent dismantling my old life, then imagining and assembling a new one. Right now, I'm nearly complete with the re-building phase. I'm transitioning into running forward to chase my dreams. (Today, I am sitting at my keyboard with a post-op knee after tearing my ACL while skiing about a month ago, so I may be hobbling after them for a bit, but eventually, I'll get to run again.)

Life has been changing and in the process challenging me to change too. I've spent the last year and half researching, working on redefining myself and my path forward under a new set of circumstances. Embracing the freedom of independence, practicing mindfulness and living purposefully. I'm re-examining and re-assessing and re-establishing who I am.  Over the course of the last year, I was blessed to have a pen pal and confidante who provided a safe place to write and ponder and query, who responded with kind and insightful feedback --a very valuable resource who has helped me move forward faster than I would have on my own. As the conversation flowed, I've often thought I should take time to document this process and it's dialog, even if for no other reason than to remind myself how far I've come on the days when I feel less than accomplished. Today, I came across a new collection from Simple Stories called, "I am" which should be perfect for that very task. Now I just need to get my hot little hands on some product. :)

Along with the launch of their line, Simple Stories is challenging people to make their own I am statements using a fun template they've designed. Take a second to make your own and share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hastag #‎SimpleStoriesIAM. (In case you need to be inspired, they've also posted a YouTube video.) Here's mine:

I am working on being brave, sharing my story, using art journaling and scrapbooking to document the process: the love lost and gained, the redirection, the plans and hope for the future. To help me grieve and heal, to reclaim my power and to be right with the world so that I can be awesome.. and amazing.. and all of the things I want to be. 

What's your story? What are the stories of your families and friends? Ask. Then, go document it.

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