Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doing a little spring cleaning? Don't forget to tidy up and BACK UP your files!

In this season for spring cleaning, I feel like an easily overlooked clean up is taming what I like to call, 'the digital dragon.' I don't know about you, but after the blur of the holidays I always have a multitude of photos spread over my cell phone and digital camera that need to get organized and backed up.
Good grief, I have a mess of files going right now. Thankfully DropBox is helping me sync everything over my plethora of devices!

Tip: Syncing your files over DropBox means no more looking for cords to connect up your devices. Just open your DropBox app or folder, then drag and drop them back and forth to access your files or move them between devices. (Note: If you have a really slow internet connection, this method won't work well with very large files.)

Another thing to keep in mind: Cell phones get lost, and stolen (unfortunately). Last year my dad's cell phone was stolen off his desk by a 'customer' at work. He wasn't faithfully backing up his phone and lost all of the photos of his children and grandchildren that were stored on there. Makes me sick just thinking about it!
I have my photos on my cell phone set to automatically load to DropBox whenever I connect to Wi-Fi. That way I don't even have to think about it... my pictures are all safely backed up every day... so if my phone should meet an untimely demise, at least I'll still have my photos! Whew!

Tip: Plug in your phone and turn on the Wi-Fi every night before going to bed. That way your files will back up while you sleep.

I use DropBox because it syncs files between my Android Phone, iPad, and 2 PCs... plus it works with the Project Life app. I find that it just makes life soooo much easier... and we all need easier these days, right?
Use this link to create your own DropBox account today!
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This is an independent review and endorsement of DropBox. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive extra DropBox storage space if you create a DropBox account using this link. You can get extra storage space on your account if you create and share your own affiliate link.

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