Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3rd Place Finish | April 2008

Mini book contest entry for "Same Supplies" contest at Memory Bound.

Amazingly enough, I think it only took me about 15 hrs to make it (started with a blank suitcase board book from maya road).

the picture and quote sticker are on an envelope. I sliced the end open and tucked a mini book underneath it. The white tab keeps the mini book from falling out of the envelope.

Same as above with the mini book showing. (It has wedding pics in it)

This page seems pretty self explanatory :)

I made the little flower pearlized with an elmers paint pen I discovered at Michaels this weekend. I can quickly see this pen becoming a favorite toy....

"Play the Lord's Music LOUD"

The guitar is cut out of a piece of patterned paper from making memories to create the base for this page.

"I finally found the goof to my ball"

Pics of lance and I being goofballs.. I know, I know, you didn't think I could be goofy did you?

"Enjoy life"

picture of the "action" item on this page.

"You're my kinda guy."

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