Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorials on Tuesdays: Paper Flower Made from Scraps

I was working on an ATC tray and needed to trim the journaling cards down to fit. This left me with a pile of scraps.

Now most people would see this as a pile of trash right? Wait! These little strips are the perfect beginnings of a paper flower!

First, fold all of the strips in half as shown below.

Next, punch out a circle to use as a base. Then, begin gluing the strips around the circle. I've tried doing this a few ways with several different types of glue. You can either glue all of the strips to the same circle, or use a new circle for each layer of "petal" strips. I do find the multiple layers a little easier because it helps keep the strips from popping up if the glue isn't completely dry yet.

After you complete a few layers, you will have a flower that looks similar to this. The more strips you use, the fuller your flower and the better it will work.

You can even use pieces of strips to cover a circle to make a fun coordinating flower center.

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