Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Techniques on Tuesdays: Copics to the Rescue!

Scrappers everywhere rejoice! Today's tip will help save you a trip to the store when you're in the middle of a layout.

I've been  using my inks, paints, and distress products (inks, stains, etc.) to re-color embellishments to match my layouts for awhile. One of my recent revelations has been to use my Copics, and let me tell you, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite techniques! Yep, that's right... we're talkin' using your Copics to re-color your embellishments to match your layouts.

To tell you the truth, I really couldn't tell you much about this "Copic craze" that's been going on for awhile. I don't color with them, I don't know much about what stamp inks (Momenta?) and papers (Neenah?) to use for that purpose, but I can tell you what surfaces they work on if you want to change up your embellishments! So far I've used my Copics to re-color the following:

  • Grungeboard
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Chipboard
  • Paper
On my latest layout I used a Copic to re-color white, glittered Thickers! Because Copics are non-opaque alcohol inks, the glitter still sparkles right through.

(Who woulda thought, right?) One word of caution though: the glitter is hard on the nibs, so if you do use your Copics for traditional sketching and coloring, you might want to skip this one. The best part is, just like you can go over the same area to create different shades when you're coloring, you can do the same when you're re-coloring embellishments. On this particular layout I colored the Thicker letters about three times to get a green dark enough to match the glitter on the page. Pretty neat huh?

So next time you're in a bind and looking for just the right colored embellishment, sort through your stash for some white or ivory embellishments and color away!


Pam said...

How cool! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Janet said...

That is a fabulous idea, Mollie. I haven't jumped on the Copic bandwagon, but for re-coloring embellishments, I just might consider it.

Katie b. said...

Great idea and post!!!