Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cards on Wednesdays returns!

Awhile ago October Afternoon sent me a box of goodies. And then I was all busy with life. You know, that thing that just seems to get in the way of scrapping all the time? So last weekend I finally had a chance to dip my toe into that big box of creative goodness and make a few cards.

Some scrapping buddies of mine helped me out with a vending thingy I did at a crop earlier in the month and were superheroes that came to my rescue when I needed help. What better way to say, "Thank you," than to make some cards with October Afternoon's new Midway line and to slip a little surprise inside?

So here is one of the cards I made. (Three of the girls haven't received theirs yet, so I'll post those another day.)

Nothing super fancy, but fun none-the-less. Now, keep in mind... I made these at the scrapbook store and arrived with nothing more than my purse and my brain (and  I'm sure some people are probably questioning whether my brain was really along or not). It was kind of a "Macgyver of Card Making" of sorts. The only items available to me were: the inventory in the store; the tools in the workroom; and whatever I could find in my purse (which sadly included no chewing gum so I had to buy adhesive - hee hee!).

So armed with a sharpie, 3 items from the "buttons by the piece" bin, a few sheets of paper, a sticker, a trimmer, and some new adhesive... this is what I whipped out:

Well... this and another card that I clearly forgot to photograph during my covert creative mission. (Oops!)

And of course the inside needed to be just as colorful as the outside (plus it needed a pocket to hold the surprise)!

Who says card making can't be simple, easy, and fast? I bet it would have taken longer to pick out a Hallmark and not nearly as cool! *wink*

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