Monday, November 12, 2012

Purge much?

At the beginning of November I was a vendor at The Get Inspired Expo, a 300 (yes THREE-HUNDRED) person all-day crop hosted by the very lovely and ever so sweet Minna. When I first signed up to vend I had intended to do something different with my booth and only signed up for a half day. Well at the last minute, I decided instead to do a major de-stash and sell my extra scrapbooking supplies instead. Yes, ladies, I did a cut-throat purge of nearly 12 year’s worth of scrapbooking goodies. Whew... I can't believe I've been scrapping that long...and even more, I can't believe I'm that much older already!

I've been scrapping for about 12 years now and I've never really "de-stashed" at all. So after tripping over too many supplies for days and days I finally decided that I was going to bite the bullet, get cutthroat about it and just PURGE, PURGE, PURGE my way to a better workspace.

And it all sounded like such a good idea until...

My basement started to look like this:
About 1/8th of the basement, mid-sort.

And that pile found a few more friends, and grew a bit bigger...
And at this point, my husband suggested we might need to get a trailer to haul it all.
(Good thinking dear.)

And then the paper started to pile up like this:
Yes, that's TEN bins of paper.

 And this is what it all looked like when loaded into the trailer:
And that's just insane!

And then it was such a crazy flurry of activity that I totally forgot to take pictures of the booth! So, just imagine 10x20 feet of scrapbooking supplies and a whole bunch o' scrappers okay? ;)
So on the big day, my booth was WAY more popular than anticipated and by 10 am we were swamped... and COMPLETELY out change. EEK! Fortunately some of my scrapping buddies were right by us and willing to make a bank run for me. Then, when it came time to shut down for the day we were asked to stay, but that meant packing up and relocating and re-displaying six eight-foot tables of scrapbooking supplies in under an hour. And again these fabulous ladies were kind enough to give up some of their scrappy time to help me out. Aren't scrappers just the best?
And we sold TONS of stuff, but still had quite a bit that came home with us too. Which I had to re-sort and re-organize before putting it away.
And now I'm really glad that's all done with! So, if I can just clean up the wake of destruction left in my scraproom, I'll be all set and back in business!

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