Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project Purge and Extreme Makeover "Scrapbook" Edition Begins!

Back in 2007 we finished our basement to include a fourth bedroom that I use for my scrapbooking room and office. Once we finished the structure of the room (walls, windows, flooring, etc.), I never really finished furnishing the room. I had put in some cube storage and a few Making Memories Embellishment Centers, but just had a mix-n-match collection of other furniture and folding tables for my work surface.

Well over time it's becomme increasingly more scrapbooking room than office and my stash of supplies has grown exponentially! Now that I've been in my current professional job for four years, I think I'm finally ready to admit that I just don't have the time that I used to for scrapbooking and it's time to trim the stash back to a manageable size. Coincidentally my sister had the opportunity to visit me and we've begun the great scrapbooking room make over and purge! All to culminate with a massive scrapbooking garage sale next weekend.

Jenny arrived Wednesday night with a Vibe full of IKEA furniture...oh my!

Which of course meant we had a whole lot of assembly to do!
(Looks good Jenny, just 4 more to go! Note the use of the "persuasion tool")

Then we had to unload the room...
(who let it get this messy anyway?)

Ah, finally... a clean slate!

Let's get some work tables and storage in this room!

Ta -da!

This concludes today's progress. :)
(p.s. Don't you think I have the bestest sister EVER!? I do!)

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Janet said...

Mollie, your room was beautiful already! I didn't realize it wasn't done! But I'm sure you're somehow making it even more fabulous. Pics, pls???