Sunday, May 9, 2010

Salvage Crafting

Last January my parents purchased a few display model kitchens from a some home improvement stores. One of the things they purchased was a sales center that included 48 cabinet door samples in a variety of colors and styles. The store has finally uninstalled the displaye so Lance and I spent yesterday and today helping my parents collect and load their assorted cabinetry pieces.

I have become the lucky recipient of the door samples. Much to Lance's dismay I am the proud new owner of 96 assorted cabinet doors. Some of them are really quite cool, and while I've got some ideas for them already swirling around in my head, I'm interested to hear yours. So leave a post and let me know what fun ideas you have to save these from a dumpster and turn them into art!


Diane Louise said...

I thought this link had a cute idea for your doors. You could get little frames and glue them to the door.

Have fun with your doors!

playswithglue said...

very cute ideas! TFS!